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Readers’ Wildlife Photos (Latest?) – Why Evolution Is Real

Readers’ Wildlife Photos (Latest?) – Why Evolution Is Real

That’s it, folks: I have no stock of wildlife photos. If you have good ones, you know what to do. Otherwise, I’ll post them as I get them.

Today we have a photo pastiche from three readers. Readers’ comments are indented and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

The first contribution comes from Patrick May:

A friend of mine takes care of some orphaned Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana). These nine are to be gradually released into the wild over several weeks. (Patrick says he will send photos of the release; which will be in central Connecticut where they were found. That will be in about a week.)

They sleep in three groups of three (and seem to smile about it):

As they grow, their favorite activity is to eat:

From Sher Hendrickson, a former student of Greg Mayer:

This Daddy Long-legs (Harvestman) is just after molting and seems to be eating his former ‘self’. I really think it is Phalangium opilio. The location is Boonsboro, MD, no also away from your old stomping grounds. I thought it was eating the exoskeleton, but the legs are still hanging from where it was. I guess what I noticed was the process he uses to get the exoskeleton left over from the body and legs.

JAC: Note that reapers are often thought of as spiders, but they are not. They are probably more closely related to groups like horseshoe crabs or scorpions than to true spiders.

From Neil Jones who is using his new camera and doing a good job of conservation. The photo was taken at Caeau Ffos Fach (Little Ditch Fields) near Cross hands in South Wales.

This pair of Ringlet butterflies (Aphantopus hyperanthus) landed on my hand. Apparently they knew I was a friend when I persuaded the British charity Butterfly Conservation to buy and preserve the site where they were flying.

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