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3 zodiac signs overcome self-doubt and find true happiness on July 12, 2024

3 zodiac signs overcome self-doubt and find true happiness on July 12, 2024

On July 12, 2024, we will come to face something in ourselves that has taken itself more seriously than it should. We will find a way to get rid of her once and for all. Of course, we mean self-doubt, and as astrology tells us, such a thing can happen during today’s transit of Venus opposite Pluto.

Pluto suggests the concept of transformation, and as it is in opposition to Venus at this time, the whole picture shows us that we are the ones in the path of our transformation. We deny ourselves something beautiful and we do it because we don’t trust ourselves enough to “go for it”. We hold ourselves back through doubt and lack of self-love.

Venus opposite Pluto puts three zodiac signs in such an impossible-to-look-away position, which means that this Friday, we’ll see that the only thing standing in our way is our own self-doubt. If we want to have any part of true happiness, then we had better deal with it. Change beckons us and we run towards it.

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These three zodiac signs will find the key to inner happiness as they learn to overcome self-doubt on July 12, 2024.

1. Aries

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Don’t hold back, Aries. It’s time to rise up and start believing in all the good you know you have inside. You are such an amazing person. You’re a superstar and you’ve heard people look up to you all your life and trust that if anyone could do it, it’s you, Aries. On July 12th, you’ll decide it’s time to live up to those expectations…not for them, but for you.

You always knew you were strong, but life happens and before you know it, you’re down in the dumps, assuming you’re less than you should be or that you’re not really all of you. that great. No way baby. During Venus’s transit opposite Pluto, you will shatter that illusion and reclaim your throne once again.

Hey, it happens. It really does. We all go through dark phases where we don’t believe in ourselves or our self-love goes out the window. Fortunately, we have great days like this when dominant transits help us and get us back on our feet. Fortunately, Venus opposite Pluto is totally on your side, Aries. Now stand up.

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2. Sagittarius

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July 12 brings you Venus opposite Pluto, which is the transit that helps you remember who you are, Sagittarius. You’re lost in the confusion, and while you admit you’re great, you don’t always come from a place of that kind of confidence. You know what you can do, but sometimes you don’t feel like you’re enough.

All of this ends on Friday as you can see yourself in a new and transformative light that shines on you and helps you shed self-doubt. To overcome such odds takes courage and you have that, Sagittarius. Now, to stick with this new confidence, stay true to yourself and keep going. That’s the trick.

You will, too, because you are not one to back down. You may be coming from a difficult experience, but now you have tasted the success of living in the moment and knowing your greatness. You, being a true warrior, will not back down again. This is the road to victory and you are on it. Let the flags of self-love fly high.

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3. Aquarius

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A big lesson is coming your way, Aquarius, so pay attention. Friday brings you Venus opposite transiting Pluto. What this means for you is that you absolutely must distance yourself from opposing views. You are suggestive and naive at times, which goes against your higher education. You see the truth and let others spoil it for you.

That is why this day is so important for you to pay attention to; this is when you get it. You don’t have to dim your shine for others simply because they don’t understand you or your dream. You don’t have to believe their doubt of you and make it your own. You have to rise above this and let go of self-doubt because it is not your original state of being.

When you remember who you really are, all obstacles and annoyances will dissolve into nothingness. Hey, you can’t please all the people all the time, so why even bother trying? This is the ticket to regaining your confidence and getting rid of the inauthentic self-doubt that lingers in your heart. Come back again, Aquarius. Be the real you and be happy!

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