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A mysterious message warns a woman about a new guy she’s dating

A mysterious message warns a woman about a new guy she’s dating

A woman was left terrified after receiving an anonymous text warning her about the new man she was dating.

“I’ve been seeing this guy at work for a few weeks and we usually end our dates with sx,” she wrote on Reddit.

The woman became even more confused when she “recently received a strange message from an anonymous account claiming that the guy I’m seeing has said negative things about me and might just be using me for sex while he’s talking and dating with other girls. “

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She admitted that their relationship “is very new and should be private and no one should know, so I’m confused about how this person found out about us.”

Now the woman believes that he may have told one of his friends about their relationship and that he is the one who sent her the messages.

“The anonymous account sent me some screenshots of messages from him (her boyfriend) that seem to confirm what I was warned about,” she added.

The woman feels “hurt” and doesn’t know if she should believe the person texting her or not.

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