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54 families of war-affected US citizens sue Iran for supporting Hamas

54 families of war-affected US citizens sue Iran for supporting Hamas

Fifty-four families of American citizens who were affected by the Oct. 7 massacre are set to file a lawsuit Friday against Iran for its support of Hamas.

The suit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, seeks $500 million in personal and mental injury damages caused by the Iranian regime by allegedly funding, arming and abetting terrorist organizations in Gaza.

The applicants and their families, which include Israeli citizens, suffered from Hamas attacks on sites such as the Nova Music Festival, Sderot, Zikim Beach and Kissufim.

Plaintiff Gal Levy, whose father is an American citizen, was injured in the shooting at the Nova festival and underwent extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

The family of American hostage Omer Neutra holds a rally highlighting his captivity during the Independence Day weekend (Credit: Liri Agami, Dani Tenenbaum)

“I feel the wound every day, because I still have fragments in my body and mentally I live the moments of horror, when I was lying wounded, in the building at the entrance to Nova, and a terrorist entered and took our mobile phones. Levy said in a statement. “I have seen the evil and cruelty with my own eyes. I feel it is a mission to tell our story in court as well. I hope this trial will do justice and send an important message to countries on the axis of evil that support terrorism. .”

One of the firms representing the plaintiffs, Gideon Fisher & Co, allegedly collected testimony about massacres and atrocities from 1,250 family members of the victims. They also gathered opinions from security, medical, intelligence and legal experts, highlighting direct and indirect Iranian involvement in the actions of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.

“After many months of work, gathering testimony from physically and psychologically affected victims and assembling a team of international experts, our office is leading an important legal and moral process to file reparations claims against Iran and other partners of Hamas, who are behind the murderous attack on Israeli and American citizens on 7/10,” said attorney Dr. Gideon Fisher. “Beyond the war effort, we are required to act and fight against Hamas and its supporters in the legal and civil sphere as well.”

Other lawsuits against Syria follow

The lawsuit is part of a series of legal actions filed by Fisher’s team, claiming billions of shekels. A corresponding lawsuit will be filed in the coming days on behalf of the same plaintiffs and families against Syria for its support of Hamas.

Lawyer Maurice Hirsch, an analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and a former military prosecutor, said in a statement that Iranian financial support has allowed Islamic terrorists to operate around the world.

“A very significant part of dealing with this phenomenon is extracting a price, by filing civil lawsuits in as many countries as possible, against those actors who are directly and indirectly responsible for terrorism,” Hirsch said. “In this way, we not only obtain compensation for the victims of terrorism, but also punish the perpetrators of terrorism.”

Designated as a state sponsor of terrorism, it is possible to file a lawsuit against Iran under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act of 2016.

In February, 67 American and Israeli citizens filed a lawsuit for harm caused by Iran through its support for Hamas, which culminated in the October 7 massacre.

In some previous cases against Iran for its support of terrorism, American victims have been compensated through the state-sponsored US Fund for Victims of Terrorism since 2015, rather than through payments directly from Tehran. The USVSST fund was funded from Iranian regime assets and finances seized by the US government, as well as from terrorist financing deals with other parties.

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