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Multiple promotions “very upset” over a recent WWE signing

Multiple promotions “very upset” over a recent WWE signing

A recent WWE signing sparked backlash from international promotions.

Following her appearance at AEW Forbidden Door on June 30, CMLL and NJPW issued a joint press release announcing that Stephanie Vaquer has left the promotions effective immediately and will be stepping down from both CMLL and the women’s tag team this trial.

Due to the departure being so abrupt, with all future dates cancelled, it was speculated that Vaquer was imminently going to sign with WWE, which was later confirmed by Shawn Michaels. While fans were excited at the prospect of the former CMLL and NJPW star competing in WWE, the international promotions are not happy with the way the event series has played out.

Discussing the signing on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how many dates were agreed upon that were suddenly canceled and that there was no official goodbye to either promotion:

“When she told them (CMLL) they basically asked her and said you know ‘we’re not going to stand in your way or anything like that, if you want to go you can go but do business the right way’ . She’s got the tag titles in CMLL, she’s got the CMLL singles title, and basically she was going to San Jose, where she’s been advertised for months and leaving the title there, giving up the tag title, we’re off -good.

“And the feeling was that they expected it from her and basically said, ‘Look, they want you and maybe they don’t want you to do it, but you haven’t signed yet, so you can tell them : wanna go out. the right way’.

“Then on Monday, when she signed, she told them that Tuesday, which was last night in Guadalajara, was her last night and that she wasn’t coming to Arena Mexico on Friday, that she wasn’t going to do any of the dates – she has dates all over the world.

“He had meetings in Germany, he had the Copper Box meeting on August 24, other New Japan STRONG meetings and things like that that had also been agreed upon. Some may have been advertised, some may not, and the idea was to come to San Jose and drop the title and she didn’t do that. Last night, on her last night, she defeated Tessa Blanchard. I’m not sure if that’s how he was originally booked or if he was asked to lose on the way out, but he didn’t, he said goodbye.”

Continuing, Meltzer added that CMLL and NJPW are both “very upset” about what happened, and that AEW isn’t happy either, as they’ve also made an offer:

“CMLL was very upset with her, you know, because of what happened, and also they’ve never been targeted like that by WWE. People expect her to be announced at the (Mexico City Arena CDMX) show on Saturday (July 13), which is probably why they were so adamant about not going to San Jose on Saturday (July 13).

“New Japan was really upset because when they first announced the San Jose show, she was in the first batch of people announced and they had been announced for months. It’s like their basic thing is “you’re advertised for months for this show, in a championship match and then five days before the show you pull out and you’re champion.”

“AEW wasn’t happy because they wanted her and they made her an offer, but she went with WWE and it’s not a surprise because she grew up in Chile and when she grew up wanting to be a wrestler, there was no such thing . like AEW. Her wrestling predates AEW by years and she had a WWE tryout before she got good and they didn’t sign her then. That’s where he wanted to go, but the way it happened was not well received.”

Stephanie Vaquer dropped the NJPW in-ring title before signing with WWE

Vaquer’s final match before leaving CMLL and NJPW saw the former NJPW Strong Women’s Champion take on TBS Champion Mercedes Mone at the AEW Forbidden Door pay-per-view in a match where both titles were on the line. line, which was won by the CEO.

H/t to WrestleTalk.

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