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Netflix viewers captivated by ‘crazy’ ‘must-watch’ show about a woman pregnant with two people’s children

Netflix viewers captivated by ‘crazy’ ‘must-watch’ show about a woman pregnant with two people’s children

Netflix shows are always guaranteed to have some kind of crazy plot.

Be that as it may Reindeer baby, Orange is the new blackor Squid gamethe one thing that seems to tie Netflix’s hit shows together is that they have decidedly crazy plots and twists.

A new Netflix show has just that, with a crazy plot that leaves viewers hooked.

The idea of ​​the show is that the main character is a woman pregnant with two babies from two different fathers, one of whom cheated on her with the other.

The show is definitely crazy.  (Netflix)

The show is definitely crazy. (Netflix)

The most shocking part of this? It’s not a made-up sci-fi plot, but something that can really happen.

“Heteropaternal superfecundation” occurs when someone is pregnant with two different children, both from different fathers.

It involves a complicated biological process, but it essentially boils down to hyperovulation, when more than one egg is released in the same month, as opposed to two.

All that to say, the crazy plot of this show is totally possible (you can imagine the drama).

Unsurprisingly, this crazy plot has captured the attention of viewers, with many considering it a must-see on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

It’s called the Netflix show in question Desperate liesand it’s a Brazilian show that hit the streamer last week — and it’s already in the top 10 in the US.

The show stars Juliana Paes as the woman in question with two babies, one born from her relationship and the other born from the affair.

Fans rejoiced, tweeting:

“Desperate Lies on Netflix won me over. Definitely recommend!”

Another said: “You guys need to watch Desperate Lies on Netflix.”

The responses to these were full of people agreeing, all saying the show is a must watch.

The show is a success with viewers.  (Netflix)

The show is a success with viewers. (Netflix)

The show has a full 17-episode season, with one fan saying, “I still have 10 more episodes to watch. The suspense is killing me.”

Another fan said: “I finished it in 3 days. My anxiety increased, I ended up drinking wine and shouting at the TV.”

It’s a Brazilian drama about a woman whose affair child is placed in her womb next to her partner’s child – if you weren’t drinking wine and screaming at the TV by the end, the show wouldn’t have done its job.

If you get to the end and want more, bad news.

Netflix has already confirmed that the series will be one and done and will not get a second season.

I for one want to see what happens when she has triplets from three men, but that’s just me.

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