Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

City renews advertising license agreement with Moose Jaw Warriors –

City renews advertising license agreement with Moose Jaw Warriors –

The City Council voted unanimously Monday night to renew the advertising license agreement with the Moose Jaw Warriors.

The previous agreement expired on June 30. Over the past five years, the agreement has averaged about $5,623 each year for the city.

The new five-year deal will see some significant changes, including the number of locations, revenue-sharing percentages and how funding will be allocated.

The previous agreement called for the Warriors and the city to split gross revenue 50/50. The new agreement will see the Warriors pay the city 80 percent of gross revenue from ad sales.

That said, the city will expand the locations where the Warriors can sell advertising.

“We are going to add 12 outdoor sports fields and the Kinsmen Sportsplex. Before, we only had Kinsmen Arena and the Pla-Mor Palace, which includes Bert Hunt and Wally Boschuk Arena,” said Director of Recreation Services Scott Osmachenko.

There is the provision that no advertising contract can be longer than three years unless approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

The new agreement includes the creation of a Capital Reserve Fund for the Parks and Recreation Advertising Program. Annual advertising revenue to the city will be retained in this fund for future capital improvements to the facilities as per the agreement.

“In the 2024 budget, we have about $8,500 in revenue that goes to the operating budget that will now be moved into this capital reserve fund. However, we see a great benefit in packaging this together and working with the Moose Jaw Warriors for the next five years,” Osmachenko said.

A committee of two members each from the city and the Warriors and one at-large member, agreed to by both parties, will also be established to make recommendations to the city council on capital improvements using funds from the newly created reserve. All expenditures will require final approval from city council before proceeding.

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